ok. my eyes are struggling to close as i type. have intended to take a nap earlier in the afternoon, but somehow, i just didnt get round to it.

the run went pretty well and i was quite surprised that i managed to run more than 3km before the gastric acted up. it was more or less triggered by the water i drank, which resulted in me wanting to puke. but then again, i have no idea if its the milk i took in the morning or the water i took.

went through the whole race with wendy close by my side and the last 1.5km stride was done in a half walk, half jog manner. wenmei, you are GOOD! we lost you somewhere around the 3km mark! and being the first time in a race like that, i kinda love it! weird that its torturous in some ways, yet, it triggered memories about the days i ran in school.

29 Oct 2006 Great Eastern Run copy
29 Oct 2006 Great Eastern Run 1 copy

kenties popped over to cheer us on. only to reach when the race is WAAAAYYYYY over and everyone has dispersed. well, it’s the thought that counts right? 🙂

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