these days, everyone jumped on the twitter bandwagon, and i’m reading more tweets daily than blog entries. reading friends’ entries used to be one of my favourite past times, getting to understand and connect with friends that i haven’t had the chance to meet up because of the lifestyle we all lead… but i’m finding lesser and lesser entries to read these days.

quite a few of them stopped blogging, or that they find blogging a chore and hardly updates anymore. or like me, the busy lifestyle simply changes your perspectives on how you want to spend your spare time.

i started blogging to note down all the interesting bits of my life, the events that has happened, the smiles that i spot, my own thought process, the people i meet, my growing up process and of cos, to allow people to come into my world and view me from my little world.

reading my first few entries that i penned down some 5 years ago, i think i have evolved much.. and my entries now are definitely not as interesting anymore. may be that’s the difference between a wide-eyed graduate with bright visions of the future as compared to a tired working executive striving for a little more sleep every day..

these days, i no longer have the time to blog about little things that happens in my life. things that amuses me, sets me thinking or silly things that puts a smile on my face. i guess it’s a good source of happiness when you need some. when u see it, it just plaster a smile to cheer up the day.

silly things like this.

my 6 months old balloon that suddenly deflated over the last weekend

i threw that into the bin 2 days ago. i kept them all the way back from my 1st christmas party at the company, staying all big and round for the last 6 months and suddenly, they become sagging papayas.

it’s like an indication of my mood some times. hee.

i do want to keep up this blogging businss still, because those little details are so important to me, your brain just aint good enough to remember so much. the other day, someone mentioned that lj is so out-dated already and i was kinda amused by it.

because.. it doesn’t matter where you blog. a blog is a blog and it is just a “space” to air your thoughts. is there something that “special virtual space” that is more premium or superior? i don’t think so. it’s not like a special car lot that is near to your house that gives you convenience, or that special park where you shared your first kiss with your first love. it’s virtual… and it’s very much a string of address that people type if they are keen to find out more, and in current day convenience, a mouse click away.

i rattled so much nonsense, and actually.. all i wanted to say is…

i really want to keep blogging like i used to…and it upsets me when im not.

i know. this is so incoherent and random.

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