After years of searching, we finally found a top that fits x.silly!

I have been wanting to clothe him, mainly to prevent his disintegration that fast.. And to protect his ‘fur’ so that he doesn’t need to go into the wash so frequent and wear out faster.. But he’s like so so tiny and hardly anything fits! We found really tiny baby socks for him in Europe while we were on honeymoon (finally after 3 years of search) and he looks damn cute in them..

The other day, we managed to find this t-shirt hanging mobile.. And decided to buy it!

Incidentally, it’s the last piece and it says, pregnant mom on board!

The happy piggy with his present!

And it fits, although a little too long. Haha. And oops. His socks are so dirty in comparison! Anyway, he’s due for a bath this week anyway.. I gotta sew up this tiny hole in his leg (I freaked out when I knew some stitches came off and there’s a 3mm hole). Just managed to get my brother to help me with me a while ago since I cannot use the needle in my condition (old wives’ tale really) and the boy ain’t good in stitching. My bro used to make his own teddy bears and is an avid bear collector in the past so his sewing is perfect and seamless and definitely the best candidate to help with the task. Ya ya, I know. My brother is weird because he’s a guy right? Interestingly, he loves to do stuff with his hands and he’s very good with it. Things like floral arrangement, cake baking, desserts making.. He knows it all.. Put the sister (me of cos) to utter shame.

And yup, the little piggy is filled with happiness! So am I. But he will get to wear the tee only after his bath, where he’s clean and nice smelling.

I know it’s silly, but I love it that the husband indulges me in my silly antics and well, technically, he was the one who bought the top! Our silly family has a very dear connection to who we have become today so I love them to bits! They are also what helped us stay out of quarrels and never stay angry with each other and help me survive the days where I don’t have the husband by my side when he travels.

I must go thank the husband for giving them to me.. They all have a special place in my heart!

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