i sprung a surprise on der last saturday. or rather a double surprise because i thought it would be great for his dad’s birthday as well.

i dragged him outta bed at 10am on the basis that i had to collect some accessories for work in the west and he had to drive me there. it was such a feat to pull it through cos he kept asking questions like, why must collect on saturday? why so early? what is it for? why no one else can collect? what accessories? why you need the accessories?


thank goodness that i was quite busy last week, so i said it was way over due and i needed it on monday for an upcoming event so die die also have to collect on sat. and that i have to make it before 12pm because people dun work on weekends and I am already asking a favor.

he was caught by surprise when i went into the car, opened up the box and shoved the little x.sillies into his face.

pictures by mong
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the beaming boy was so estactic that he actually drove really carefully on the journey home.

i took loads of pictures of the really really nice cupcakes (because they are SO pretty), and my silly family took turns to take pictures too. i didn’t bear to eat the cute little things!!

der’s dad was quite amused when he saw the cupcakes too! so did agnes and huimin when they ate it on sunday morning. will upload pictures when i get the chance tonight!

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