that’s me. in an attempt to make my cough better. and stop from spreading germs in the office.

the quiet week that went past saw me coughing my lungs out, went on MC and slept the entire day, got slightly better and decided to head back to work prematurely, and then i felt like dying at work.

dying from the bad cough. dying from the work (left office at 10+ last night).

methinks its that i am really sick. sick of work (haha!).

anyhow.. this morning, i cough so badly that i couldnt talk and i had to do something. when sucking a hacks and drinking warm water NON STOP still didnt help.. i wanted to look for a mask. there isnt any, only thermometer sleeves in my ‘survival kit’. i had to improvise, found a gym towel among my belongings and i just had to do this so the nose/throat doesnt get into contact with the aircon air that triggers the cough.

so, i’m a little ‘quieter’ now, but there are a lot of stares at me and of cos, a lot of laughter.

and cindy cannot help but snap this picture of me.

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