My uni mates. It’s been a long time since I caught up with them. We all have moved on so much.. Yihui was my sec sch junior in sjab.. And our friendship has been through quite a fair bit, from marching to first aid training, to be punished by me and then to classmates and project mates and finally graduating some 6-7 years ago.. She has been there for a huge part of my life!

Mich has been my Tp junior as well, being in the same studies club for the business school and running for residency in the club.. Going through orientations after orientations and cheer leading together and then graduating from poly only to find myself in the same class as her one year later and my incumbent project partner for all my uni projects. Life’s coincidences does wonders at times.

With the hectic working life, it’s been what?! More than a year since we last met up for dinner, other than mich’s wedding dinner and my wedding dinner where I didn’t even get a chance to interact with them properly so this dinner was long due!

Bad angle of my face and yeah, my nose has been red and sore from the month long flu that I had after my honeymoon.

I couldn’t stomach anything so all I ate was tofu and chawamushi and desserts! I’m turning into a food junkie these days with all the usually sweet things that I introduce to my body.

Dinner was, by the way, at sun and moon but the food didn’t really matter because we were so busy catching up with our lives and I just wished we weren’t working the next day when we finally tore our butts off the seats.

Am so excited for Yihui as she preps for her wedding next year! Woo hoo.. How exciting!

I want to do this again soon!

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