the trip to the states is confirmed! in a month’s time (10 Aug), i’ll be jetting off to orlando in florida and seattle in washington.

disneyworld & universal studios in orlando, here i come again! actually, the ONLY reason why i am so excited to head back there is because of the harry potter theme park in universal (see fan website). the muggle me just can’t wait to step into the hogwarts castle and drink butterbeer in the three broomsticks pub. here’s a video introduction on it that i saw from the fan website.

i had wanted to head there for honeymoon last year but unfortunately, there was no tickets. i’m just sad that der won’t be able to join me for this.. i have been raving to him about how disneyworld in orlando just had to be the best disney place to visit across all disneylands around the world. if you want to know, here’s my preference of the disneylands across the world (in order of preference) – disneyworld in orlando (florida), disneyland in anaheim (LA), disneyland in paris (france), disneyland in Japan and the last had to be disneyland in HK.

meanwhile, the last sequel of the harry potter movie is coming out this week. have you bought tickets yet? der & me are going to watch it this thursday and i can’t waaaaaait!

actually, i do feel like i am quite the bad mother because i’ll be ditching the baby in singapore for 14 days(my mum thinks that the journey is too far to take jerry). for many other reasons like change of routines, long flights & transit (24 hrs!), colder weather, possibility of a jet lag fussy baby and that the fact that my aunt is inexperienced with taking care of babies, both der & me decided it is better for baby and us to let him stay in singapore. hopefully, both baby and der (and my mum) is able to cope when im gone. am a little worried but i still need to make the trip to US nonetheless to renew my driving license in person (what a crap policy) so might as well make full use of the trip since the journey is soooooo long.

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