the first thing i’ll do every time i reach the house here is to take a picture of downtown from the rooftop.

last year, the picture looked like this. i couldn’t locate the picture taken in 2004 on my old bloggie anymore..

looks like things haven’t changed much huh..

and me, being me.. have to do a silly stunt. being too lazy to change into my thick winter wear.. i ran out to the rooftop in my racerback and fbt shorts.. grabbed my aunt’s over sized sweater and took a picture of myself on self timer mode.

looks ok right? i tell you, it’s FREEZING out there. my legs almost turned ice.

warning: please do not try that at home. and children, cheh cheh here got practise one! don’t anyhow follow hor!

ok. it’s 12.46am here now and i need to think what i want to do tomorrow. time to do a little wee bit of research.. 🙂

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