wanted to log this down because it was really unexpected. we werent planning to do any sort of celebration for vday this year since I am serving my confinement and won’t be able to consume outside food.


and boy, was I surprised when the husband appeared at my room doorstep at 4.30pm! he usually only comes home at about 9.30pm or later.


and to make the day even better, he gave me a bouquet of……… rilakkumas!

I just had to laugh at the sight of it, because I am not a fan of these bears.. and they remind me of my colleague, Beverly because she likes them a lot!


still, I am very touched by the gesture and find the bouquet totally unique and different (from what he has given me in the past) so I am a happy girl! its the thought that counts and I guess it’s money not wasted because these wont wilt and I can keep them for as long as I like!

and we spend the rest of evening fussing over our sons being slaves to our sons – feeding,  bathing, playing YouTube videos, changing diapers and putting them to sleep. parenting is a tiring affair.


still, it was one of the best vday ever, having the company of the husband and kids, and just ‘chilling’ the evening away. it feels… complete.


and oh, the husband almost dragged me out to buy a Samsung note 2 simply because I randomly said maybe he can buy me that as a present since I don’t really have any wish list. of cos, we didn’t go buy since my phones are relatively new still and there wasn’t really a need for a new phone. but.. but.. should I? should I? #firstworldpains