i went on medical leave today. my tummy feels weird. my throat feels sore. and the rain makes it all the more gloomy and tempting me to head back into bed.

and that i did, with a smile on my face. hee. i think im so happy staying home with my self-declared holiday.

i feel so helpless with my mobile.. and am seriously contemplating to take the opportunity to buy the n70 instead. but, i cant bear to part with the cash, since i wanted it to support me for the us trip.

i’m wondering if the problem is with mobile set or nokia program. i just put in my bro’s sim card into the phone and it reads. managed to do restore on the phone and now, it’s telling me “Insert SIM Card” again.


wei had that problem just days ago and he managed to fix it and no have problems after that. but mine doesnt seemed to be going away.

maybe i’ll bring it out later and see if it can be fixed.

i need to go to the doc. i want to head to the dentist. 5 more hours to get my tasks done before i have to head out for japanese class.

and oh.. the verdict.

i called the lady 4 times today. only managed to get her at the last call. no news yet, but she did tell me to go ahead for the trip if i was planning for one. oh well, i have decided to head for the planned us trip cos she told me she has no idea when her boss will decide. i cannot foresee myself staying in the rut forever, waiting. so, i shall tell my aunt to make the reservation and confirm the tickets tomorrow!


i cant tell you HOW MUCH i am cheered up by this thought.. hee. it’s just gonna be a bright day for me! *grins*

and now, im hungry. time to find some munch.