The work week flew back and before I realised it, der is back and the weekend is here!

Work as usual is hectic, and usually is worse with a party that happened on Friday night. Looks like it’s a blast (but as with all events, hiccups are bound to happen) so I shall just wait and see if there are any comments next week.

My team, 50% of it. Unknowingly, my team has grown much! In the past, there were only 6 of us.. Now, there’s 10 people! Anyway, this is a very rare picture taken with my boss. We hardly take pictures!

Another shot of the team, we were so making use of the Polaroid girls. Lol.

Just 3 of us.

With Bernice, a funny loud girl and my partner-in-crime for the party..

With Mildred, who came to the party along with dee dee and friends! Thanks for the support, hope you people had fun!

And I survived the week, though it felt very much like I had a large vehicle run over me. So whatever talks about me blogging more just went down the drain.

Now, the sun is barely up and I’m off to grandpa’s house in rengam for a short visit before popping back to attend claire’s bday party! Busy day today! Have to work in the late afternoon. Blah. What a Sunday…

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