the realization that the CNY is just a week away hit me, and i was in a frenzy cleaning mode the whole weekend. cleared up my room, dump some stuff, reorganized some other stuff, and then.. i threw out about 30 pairs of shoes.

not throw technically. I am going to donate them to the salvation army and my lovely der is going to help me with it since it was quite late by the time i was done last nite! so he is going to drive to bishan today and help me unload the shoes.

attended chloe’s 1st birthday party on sat and had a lot of fun with the kiddos. pictures coming up in a separate post! also managed to do some shopping around town in the late afternoon and got myself into the huge mass of people standing outside F-E-O. didn’t realised that the top man’s convoy is around the corner and the streets were packed with people in white tops and black bottoms standing by the roadside and on the overhead bridge.

and 2 ignorant people went..
d: check out the human jam.. and the traffic jam. why are there escorts cars moving so slowly and obstructing traffic.
c: don’t know. a lot of people eh. who are they escorting ah?
d: must be some big shot, or some m*nist*r lor.
c: cannot be, they don’t use the private escorts. they have the traffic police + their cars are tinted and there’s none like that around.
d: then must be some superstar lah.
the car then passes the hordes of people..
c: i feel like whipping out my iphone to take a picture, but I scared wait i kena beaten up. errrmmm… why are they all dressed the same? they look like they are in mourning.
d: OH! now i know who! don’t you know the *** of F-E-O recently just passed away? he’s s’pore-richest-man!

seriously, we are totally ignorant of the situation and should we have known, we would have avoided the whole situation. just minutes after we got into orchard, der’s friend called to tell us about it.

and…i bought a new dress for chinese new year! not like that i needed it since i have online shopped for tonnes of clothes lately, but then, it’s cheap and the boy likes it.

and yup. that’s how the last weekend of the cow year is being spent.

maybe i shall assess over the next few days and see if there are more stuff to be thrown out. in a throwing/cleaning mode lately.

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