I just wished it didn’t end that fast.. Am feeling from fatigue and the weekend didn’t make it any better!

It was grandpa’s birthday (der’s maternal grandpa) and the family had a celebration in the west. Baby jerry seemed to have stolen the limelight from grandpa. Everyone wants a share of him.. I should have set up a booth at the party and do rent-a-baby service and charge everyone by 5 min blocks. Ha. Am joking.

We swung by earlier than everyone since we were in the vicinity for a weaning talk and the grandparents got some alone time with Jerry, which is nice because the smiles on their faces are priceless.

My son is first interested in getting grandpa to let him cut the cake and then, charging towards the cake like superman.

Jerry with his great grandma, eyes not leaving the chocolate cake, which of cos.. He didn’t have a bite of.

Well, that was Saturday. We spent the entire Sunday at home, resting. And wishing that the weekend could be longer.

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