it’s almost the end of the week.. and i havent got down to writing abt my last weekend.

it’s really another simple weekend gone by, but im quite happy cos i got to play snooker even tho i was half limping!

being inspired by mich on the tcc card..i dragged the gang to have coffee at tcc.. and we managed to chalk up $77 on the bill.

i didnt bring my old receipt out and since it was near closing time and every table were slowly clearing.. i asked wei to snoop around the other tables and collected their receipts! hee hee.

and yes, i finally applied and am now a proud owner of the connoisseur card! Whee!!

and here’s some of the stuff i ate to whet ur appetite..

and oh! i had sakae sushi for dinner on sat! ok. im naughty.. but i really cant resist the salmon sashimi and everything else anymore!