it’s over. so fast.

i have been nervous the whole weekend on the major presentation that is going to happen tomorrow. i have also worked officially the latest in the office last friday till 1.45am, together with my boss and brand manager.

my brain was so so dead, especially with the flurry of work and events on friday.

spent saturday shopping in millenia walk, and had dinner at outback. i seemed to have lost it in me to take pictures of the food.. i am such a hungry ghost these days that i remember about the photos after i consumed everything. urgh! uber frustrating. wei had such a tender piece of steak and decided that this is one restaurant that he would come back for. i can’t believe this is coming from a non-beef eater less than one year ago. even tho we didn’t order much.. i couldn’t finish all the food and i totally heart the bottomless iced lemon tea i was having. it’s great for someone like me who consume a great deal of liquid at one go! it reminded me of the days dining in the US.

while wei was busy looking around for a tv to buy for the new house, i suddenly realised that millenia walk have very pretty ceilings!

so beautiful and colorful that i think i can just lie down and look at it for hours while i day dream..

other happy things about the weekend? I bought 3 dresses, 2 skirts and a top today! haven’t shopped like that for a long time! i likey!

alright. time for bed. have to head to the office uber early tomorrow to prepare some of the missing slides and visuals. wish me luck.

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