the weekend is officially over. it wasn’t when i was typing the lost entry about my weekend.

retail therapy is good. i have been skipping around town over the last few weekends and each time, coming back with frivolous buys of things that i do not need. still, it makes me happy so i don’t really care.

yeah. till i receive the credit card bills because i think i am in denial that i am signing my life away. *shudders at the thought of receiving the australia spending*

met shuyu on saturday afternoon to do some catching up. haven’t seen her for like ages! was the last time at some chalet? or was it at a wedding? realised that the gang sorta drifted apart since everyone is like busy with their own things. guess for a group to stick together for a long while, there must be common interests or common goals to look forward to. else, it is everyone’s efforts to make it stick…

i feel a little guilty thinking about it because i guess when work is too harsh, i hibernate myself at home and like to be alone. the thought of socializing with people is beyond me. i just want to stay in room for an entire day and just do nothing.

i also met up with yuxiong and branson in the night for a dinner date. i wanted to drag shuyu along because so that i can introduce her to branson (they stay in the SAME BLOCK!!), but shuyu refused to come along. must be shy. anyway, it was just simple, fun and nonsensical, with the natters filled with witty and corny jokes. reminiscing on how the 3 of us got together (branson my ex colleague, yu’s camp mate) and yuxiong, my famous i-got-to-know-you-at-a-bus-stop friend. 10 years ago. i have aged! talked abt work in general, cameras, job switches, the bleak economy, our other halfs, potentials for bran and everything we should think of under that umbrella that was sheltering us from the moonlight.

i kinda wished the night could be longer, because i really enjoyed hanging out with the both of them.

the weekend was also filled with loads of mahjong sessions with der and his gang. wahaha. won some lunch money from them but while i was playing.. i also realised that these days, i play in a auto-pilot mode. take tiles, throw tiles, waiting for my turn without my brain actively planning strategies or my eyes spying on others’ body language or the tiles that they are throwing. must be fatigue at work because i often feel restless in the game.

my 3 uncles are here today, from 3 different places – seattle, jb & kl so the family went out to have seafood dinner at melben seafood. this is like the mandatory dinner date that we have every time anyone of them is here. the dinner was good, but it was also EXPENSIVE! well, in this sense, money can buy happiness cos satisfied stomachs = happiness. hee.

i guess i better be turning in soon, though there are loads that i’ll like to blog abt…

another day perhaps. good night.

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