these days, the weekend goes by in a flash!

the weekend saw more jewellery shopping and it’s no where near improving things as per last weekend.

i guess we are pretty decided on the kind of designs that we could consider, the specific ones and possibly customizing one side of it. his side.


friday night.

the 3 musketeers go out to play. we popped by greenwood fish market and bistro. WOW! has it been ages since i last went there? the place expanded so much that I almost couldn’t recognise what used to be a cosy nook.

and despite increasing the sitting capacity by 200%, they are still turning people away at the door because it’s PACKED.

i’m just thankful i called and made a reservation 5 hours before. at least i got an outdoor sitting.

the poor guy had a surgery last month and had to swear of seafood. check out his grumpy face when the oysters were served! he stayed with the fish (grilled this time!) while cindy & me had a whole feast of other things! i love the clams in our vongole pasta because they are oh-so-fresh and sweet.

paired it with a nice bottle of white wine that cindy brought along (corkage was $18). we were just a little cheesed off that the server served the wine before it was properly chilled but enjoyed the wine nonetheless.

i so turning into a wineaholic. drinking wine in 2 straight rows (spent thursday in dempsey). i would’t mind drinking it every other day if i could afford it.

and der’s sister & bf has been really really keen in mahjong these days. every other weekend, it’s mahjong activities into the late nights.

sat – shopping, eating, sleeping, and i spent every other spare time indulging in a book. turning into a bookworm again since 90% of the time, der is watching prison break and IGNORING me. haha. so i read, and IGNORE him. nah. it’s not real. we were just doing our own stuff lying side by side in bed, enjoying our ‘me’ time.

sun came and it was more shopping. i was so tired that i literally had to drag myself out of the house. it’s so easy to stay in and feel lazy! we went parkway and i managed to satisfy the sashimi craving that i had for the longest time!

super yummy. and in that midst of all the jewellery shopping, i lost control and bought myself a nice diamond pendant for myself! it’s really quite a pretty thing though it’s prolly one of the most expensive thing that i ever bought for myself. i just didnt think that i’ll spend that much money on a piece of jewellery. shall take a nice picture of it soon…

and we rounded the night with mahjong with der’s family again.

total winnings? $24! not bad right? I just had to keep winning every other weekend and it can go into our wedding funds. so, any contributors? I am turning into the mahjong queen (not like i wasn’t previously).

p.s. i know $24 is not really a lot of money in mahjong gambling context, but considering the stakes that we are playing, it’s not bad.

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