i didn’t know why, but i was totally knackered. all i wanted was to sleep.. but i managed to accomplish quite a bit (as in heading out).

finally visited rider’s cafe for brunch. finally because i never quite managed to drag der outta bed for it. also because he is not quite an ang moh breakfast kinda person.

andy joined us (he just landed in the morning) so we sorta had quite a bit of fun exploring around the island and me, as usual.. snapping pictures at food.

this just got to be my favourite picture of the day…

the boys are just totally showing off their watches when posing for the cammie.. and i just had to jut my hand out and grab a bit of the glamour..

even though their watches are like 10x the price of mine…

we roamed vivo city after, wanting to catch the potter movie, but it was all full. window-shopped a little and i ended up with a pair of slippers (pedder red), and fuchsia pink dress and a tank top (river island). so much for trying to be thrifty and save money!

dinner back in yishun, we grabbed tickets for the 9pm potter slot. the trusty old place where tickets is always available! somehow, it was a BAD mistake and i left the show staring at all the uncles in this row of seats wondering which idiot was talking loudly on the phone throughout the movie. he didnt even stop even when there was a lot of “shhhshhhh!” going on for the longest time.

he should be thankful that he is not seated beside me, we were on different aisles and i could hear every single word he said (definitely not critical stuff), else i would have taken his phone and throw it on the floor. well, i was very angered because i missed a huge chunk of the conversations that went on (straining my ears) and i didnt enjoy the movie in the end.

errrmm… not that the movie was fantastic lah. it’s prolly one of the worst potter movies that i have watched.. but then, it’s meant for a suspense ending so you’ll catch the next episode.

so ya, sunday was spent car washing (like finally!), breakfast with andy (again! =) ) and just resting at home before packing der back to the forest to serve the nation.

i just wish the weekend would come again soon.. it just seems shorter and shorter these days.

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