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we caught the terminator salvation movie on saturday night! ok. it was a weird movie experience because i had colleagues sitting behind me and around me in the whole hall. the entire vivo city was filled with my colleagues and every corner i turn, i see someone familiar. just imagine 2 big halls full of my colleagues.

if that’s not bad enough, my ex-colleagues from pi.zzah ut were also there! they occupy another full hall! and i have people spotting me and texting me/calling me when i didnt see them. so scary!

that part aside, i think its a great movie if you are in for action-packed movies. i got a fright at some of the scenes because of the suspense built up and the great sound system. i think i have unconsciously squeezed der’s hands a couple of times.

this is john connor. if you are listening to this, you are the resistance.

woohoo! go watch it! but then, i am not exactly a big fan of the machines and story, so my judgment not be absolutely accurate. hee.

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