i cant believe how unlucky i was over the weekend.

i lost my phone on a cab and after a badminton game, my whole bag was soaked in water. just so cos i didnt cap my water bottle correctly. i wasnt too upset abt the bag, but my camera charger, my camera, my card reader, my ipod and my mobile phone is swimming in the water. that’s what happens when u have a fila waterproof material bag. the water doesnt flow out, except thru the side seams!

no one can imagine the fluster i was in. a huge bag, a badminton racket, and trying to drip dry my ipod, and the rest of the gadgets dangling over my arms. and my face towel was so wet that i wringed it at least thrice in order to absorb more water. in the end, jean gave me her towel so that i can dry my stuff. joycelyn help me with her towel too.

and i got a stack of wet namecards thrown into the bin and i couldnt find anything that’s dry. Grr..

but then, i managed to get my phone back and nothing was found spoilt (at least for now, tho i aint sure when my gadgets will start cranking up on me!). so, i’m still lucky huh?

spent the afternoon at home.. and took a nap. met wei for dinner at 9+ and we headed for karaoke at kbox. i was on the verge of tears for the whole night after.

spent half of sunday sobbing away. and made my eyes super painful the rest of the day. had dinner at j8 and gorged myself silly with tepanyaki dinner. ordered the set A with sirloin steak with an additional serving of vegetables (+$1.50) and rice (+$0.50). i ended up with loads more vege cos the man made a mistake, so i got at least 3 more servings of it. i swallowed everything with glee and become such a happy girl afterwards.

to make my day a even better one, i had retail therapy. Spent $390 at a single swip of my card.. and got myself 4 pcs of paper in return…

tata! beyond concert tickets next weekend! it’s been wei’s and xx’s dreams to watch the beyond concert..

anyway, i shant let anything get me down. despite having a late night sleep, i woke up EARLY today. never felt better. and i wasnt late for work. 🙂

it’s a great start for a brand new week and i hope it’ll just get better!!