in less than an hr, the weekend is over. my errand running weekend that is.

from going to get my nails done (self pampering), to getting the new mobile, some light shopping, checking the lv store out, hanging out with jen and vital for some good company, changing the nds charger and sending my phone to the nokia hospital.

i am quite amazed at myself, travelling around the island and getting all these done. i feel so accomplished!

then again, i thought i would be staying home to sort out the some 1600+ photos from the melbourne trip. errmm.. obviously it didnt materialize.

the thing abt snapping a lot of pictures.. is that even going through it is a pain in the ass. :{

i’m only half done.. so if u are keen in some of the pictures, you can check it out HERE.

will upload more as i go through more pictures!! how i wish that bedtime isn’t near yet..

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