i met shuyu for dinner at bishan. swensens. a good old chat between 2 friends, some shopping and i bought myself a pair of dainty red heels to wear over the cny. it’s a little lavish considering that i dont get to wear dainty heels here in rengam and i’ll be in batam for the next couple of days!


met pei for dinner and we seriously had a lot of catching up to do! i haven’t sat the girl down for dinner for eons and there was just so much to say and update each other. we just rambled on non stop and before we know it, it was almost midnight and we had to part.

that night was also the night i fell down the stairs and bruised myself quite badly. to add to the sorrow, the fall also caused me to spoil my own surprise. it lead to someone spilling the beans, thinking that i have already gotten the flowers and asking me about it. oh wells, its the thought that counts i guess. sometimes, the best plans backfires due to the situation.

appreciate the efforts that the planners put in to make sure that i get my surprise. it’s really hard work and coordination, but well.. the mastermind blew it! still, it was really really sweet to see you guys on vday, trying to do ur bit to cheer up my vday. 🙂


the day of romancing. i went to northpoint to have some currencies changed and embarked on clearing my room up a little. sadly, i was too knackered that i drop dead on the bed shortly after i reached home.


met angela to pass her the coach buys and dinner. we had ours in wisma’s food court.. sharing a plate of oysters omelette between us and complaining about work. she’s damn lucky, and i want a pay increment like hers!


ran some errands in town alone and popped back to yishun to have dins dins with junwei. this guy makes me laugh all the time. his facial expressions are priceless and i have to hand it to him that he sure does know how to cracks me up even when im not feeling too good or when im troubled. he’s quite analytical for his age and he sure have a lot of secrets that i would love to find out! hee hee.


much is said in my previous entry. the only thing that was quite outta the blue was this commotion that happened in the house. kinda shocking to me, and i just thought it was quite a sad incident. *sigh* why does that have to happen on chinese new year’s eve?


im currently surrounded by 10 sleeping people within 3 metres where i am seated. there are more downstairs and in the back section of the house. all i hear now is a medley of loud snores and the ceiling fan clicking away. don’t ask me why it makes a clicking sound cos i have NO idea. in 6 hours, the house will be flooded with my granduncle’s family and in abt 18 hours, i will make my way back to sing with my brother leaving everyone else behind. 🙂

for the first time in many many years (perhaps 20 years? or more?!), i am gonna make my way out to sing on the first day of chinese new year. Hmm.. there’s always a first to everything huh.

batam trip is looming. i’m excited and worried at the same time. 😐

i do hope i have fun! time to lie in bed and snuggle up with a book and read my way to dreamland. sweet dreams to all!

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