Here I stand on a packed train, heading to work and feeling peeved at seeing a row of sitting train commuters playing with their phones and a pregnant lady standing.

I had to take a picture. These people has no compassion really.

Every single one of them is playing with their phone and the one on the reserved seating is sleeping. The pregnant lady is in their clear view (in this picture, it’s blocked by the magazine but you could see the baby bump peeking out under the mag) BUT NOT A SINGLE PERSON GAVE WAY!

It’s ridiculous! I could see her bump from a door away but the train was too packed for me to move around to do something. Argh.

I saw the poor lady stood from Yishun to AMK before someone stood up and exited the train before she got a seat and everyone who takes the train knows that it’s a super long journey between khatib and yio chi kang where it takes 10 mins! Thing is, I got on in Yishun and already saw her standing. She could well be standing from the earlier stations (whichever she got on) for the longest time.….. And take this picture. Blog it, fb it, tweet it and prolly stomp it when I have the time.

If any of these people are your friends, please teach them some compassion and empathy. It’s tough for a normal person to get a good foothold on a packed train where you barely could move an inch, lest her. I almost fell a few times myself when the train stopped and I lost my footing and I couldn’t imagine being in her shoes (of cos, I have been there) this morning. The other thing that really, really irked me are that the sitting folks are mostly FEMALES!

I know and read about the arguments about people having equal rights to the seat since they are also a paying commuter. I am not saying they don’t have the right to the seats, I’m just saying they should be more gracious about it and giving it to someone who needs it more.

I feel ashamed as a fellow commuter. Despite the numerous courtesy/give way campaigns that we have, the situation is not improving at all. I can’t believe we are living in an ‘first world’ environment where everyone goes to school and has education.

I bow my head in disgrace and silently curse under my breath that god would be fair.

what goes around, comes around.

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