spent my birthday shopping alone in a private sale in amara hotel jostling with a small crowd, waiting for mich to join me. i kept asking myself why i am so short before mich came, i couldn’t see a thing at all!!

but, i still managed to get myself a DKNY watch and a D&G ring! of cos, a leather luggage tag for der as well. 😛

had a simple lunch at the food court with the babe before i made my way home to rest and relax. and relax i sure did!

wei brought me to morton’s at night.

me, outside oriental hotel..

the huge serving of delicious bread..

the happy boy..

me and my favourite oysters!!


the complimentary cheese cake on the house..

the happy girl..

the photo taken and given by morton’s..

the present in a robin blue box..

the celebration in a pub..

with his friends..

and i headed home, tired and totally drained.

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