i think the weather is so erratic these days. my head was spinning and cracking up from the heat i felt while travelling back to the office from sembawang mrt earlier. bought my fav. milk tea from mos in large to help cool me down. now trying to ease myself in the comfort of the air con in the office.

Hmm.. reached my desk with the carpet under my chair wet, dustbin filled with water! no idea what happened, so i asked me colleagues. so the kid was here earlier. alamak. and just when i was switching on my com, jasmine called me from downstairs.

j: hey, u saw the chocolate i left for you on your desk?
c: huh? what chocolate? i dont see any chocolate!
j: gold color ones, flat flat round round ones.
c: (peers into the dustbin…) oh, i see them now. Gold coins right? 2 big, 2 small? the wrappers are in the dustbin. all eaten up.
j: tmd! she damn rude leh! how can she eat without people’s permission. *&$#&%#$#$#
j: nvm. luckily i only put 4 there. i got somemore, later i bring them up for you.
c: haha. ok, thanks!

surprisely, i am not mad. not mad at all. i cant type chinese characters with my com, so read the hanyu pin yin ba. “xi guan jiu hao”. so aptly describes my situation.

maybe my blood will boil when she comes back from sun plaza and tries to interfere with my work. 🙂

i must remember what michelle said. positive thinking.

hee hee.