10pm. struggling at work still.

i think i am quite suay. must go rub shoulders with the “snakey” people because they are supposed to bring me good luck.

got some sad news at work today. I totally want to bawl my eyes out, but i guess it’s happy news to some extent. i’m just gonna feel a little lonely in 14 days. 14 DAYS! how SHORT is that?

the boy also irritated me quite a bit last night. he probably doesn’t know it, but i’m still annoyed when i think about it. so sad.

long weekend ahead. busy one because my bestie’s getting married. And im supposed to do some stuff and help her.. but I have yet to find the time to do it. KILL me.

feel like having a break. can someone fast forward to end sept soon so that i can head out to the safari plans and relax my mind under a blanket of stars in the sky?

for now, i can only day dream at my desk while waiting for the artwork to be in.


no wonder my cough is getting no better.

and oh. apologies for the incessant rant. really need to get it out.

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