My soul didn’t feel so good today. There’s this nagging uneasy bugging and not matter how i try to cheer myself up, i still didn’t feel good at all.

Had the urge to go on a splurging binge but i’m really in no condition to, considering the fact that i blew a lot money these days, on gucci, on vietnam trip, on taiwan and hk trip, on good meals, and random presents here and there to make myself happy.

I almost stepped into a shop for a manicure just to pass time and pamper myself… Even though i just self-manicured myself yesterday. Am i going crazy or what? So.. I had to buy myself a big cup of iced green tea from mac donalds and plonk my butt in a cosy corner while waiting for der to knock off and have dinner. I reckon i’ll be waiting for the next 2hrs.

Somehow.. I got this bad feeling about the vietnam trip and the following months to come.

How do i shake off that feeling? Urgh.

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