i stayed at home today and completed most of the work that is due tomorrow. did whatever i could with the limited information i emailed myself last week. hope it could at least ease some work tensions tomorrow.

i spent the whole day thinking of what could have been and what it might be. are we really victims of our own actions or does situations really make a fool out of people? i finished reading 5 people you meet in heaven yesterday and i wish i could have the ability to know what people are actually thinking.

at least, that would help me make the best decisions with all the information available. sometimes, things aren’t what you see it to be. they are just what you perceive them to be, and they may not necessary be the truth. how then, to really know the truth? and are there really situations when truth really didn’t matter?

i think i am facing a very empty me. someone who doesn’t want to do anything but just hibernates under her blanket and day dream. why am i so hit after the 9 days of contact and am unable to pull myself outta it?

maybe i just need time. just like how it was like when i first got outta it. be patient and time will heal..

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