i was happily blog surfing when i realised im hit by unpolished_gem with a three-thing meme.

* * * * *

List three random facts about yourself that your friends might not know. And then tag five other friends to do it.

1) i lived in a kampong house till the age of 4 and spent a huge part of the rest of my growing up life running/working around in durian plantations, rubber plantations, palm plantations & cocoa plantations while the rest of my peers are playing at the corridors with their neighbours.

2) i’m a pure teochew. both my paternal and maternal grandparents are teochews. but i’m kinda ashamed cos i cant really speak the language.

3) i had dreams of becoming a police officer or a model when i was a kid. as i grew older, my brush with the law changed my dream abt being in the police force.. and as a model.. my height’s not even near it and you know la.. im not pretty.. 🙁

and now, my turn to throw the meme at my friends. whahahaha.. i’m waiting to read from…