my last week of hols just passed by in a whiff.. and i dont even have much chance to blog most of the stuff that has happened.

met up with the usual LJ gang on thursday. dinner at sakae, pictures complimentary of wendy. i took most of the pictures using her mobile, by the way.

hopped down to hard rock for some hips shaking salsa time. it’s my first attempt and gosh! i am so like a block of wood. plus the fact that i cant really twist with my not-yet-recovered knee, it’s quite disastrous!

had many giggles and embarrassing moments. i think i was the worst of the lot! didnt manage to take any pictures due to the bad lightning and my lousy camera. needless to say, the dancing + the wedges that i was wearing gave me pain in the my right leg for the entire night and the morning after. i couldnt even straighten my leg! *ouch*

ok. simon and i sneaked off for snooker cos i got so bored looking at the same salsa steps after a while. besides, the pain in my legs didnt allow me to stand around for very long. the snooker was fun, but i think simon wont want to play with me anymore. 🙁

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