am drained after a day long shoot today. am so ready to crash now.

you know, on second thoughts, i think while being trigger happy on a trip is loads of fun.. coming back and sorting those pictures are such a pain in the arse. that, and feeling like you had the life beaten out of you is quite a sucky feeling.

looks like tomorrow is gonna be a really long day at work since i will be out of the office on wed and thurs for an offsite meeting/brainstorming again.

am a little panicky since there are loads on my plate waiting for be cleared. heading to bed early today so that i can have the energy to plough through everything tomorrow.

and oh.. here’s some pictures from my team’s brainstorming sesh at jen’s place cum bbq on the 4th before i left for taiwan. sorry there weren’t much pictures of the bbq because i was still busy typing my reports away while they rest were chomping down the food.

my x.silly was also there to spur some creative juices!

our maggie noodle lunch, soo leng deep in thoughts and cheeky jen..

does this picture gives you the impression that you are being locked in?

the team..

my x.silly riding on jen’s “fei fei”.. i forgot her seal’s name!!

am off to bed. nites!

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