sweaty stinky cherie saying hi!

i wished i had more hours in a day. feeling very low on self-esteem today of late. i keep feeling my muffin top spill over my shorts when i sit down and it’s so demoralising.

so i was determined to go for a jog no matter how late i reached home. met agnes at the park at 10.15pm. she finally bought her sport shoes (after a year of my constant nagging)!

did a short short run today and i had to stop due to terrible stitches. almost couldn’t breathe and i decided i shouldn’t push myself too hard.

if i could do it in 2007 and lose a good 4kg, i’m sure i can do it now too. i just need to be more consistent.

i just measured using a measuring tape and it’s a good 4″ of flab spilling out! ok. i just freaked myself out. i have to run. i have to force myself to run.

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