im extremely tired, having browsed through 29 pages of marketing related jobs and their descriptions. i am supposed to wake up in abt 4 hours time, to join my dad and my cousins for tomb sweeping. i cant believe that i agreed to go since i am not so close to them, but i would really like to send some regards and pay a visit to my deceased cousin who died mysteriously almost 4 years ago.

i cancelled my appointment with jiahui on tues, because the rain was so heavy that i almost couldnt see the opposite block. and for the fear that i might slip and fall, and further injure my leg.

and yesterday evening, mum suddenly had a craving for jap food after a casual mention by me. it was raining and no one wanted to head out. mum seemed to be desperate for it, so the moment the rain stopped, we went. just as we hit the opposite block, the huge raindrops decided to fall again and gor ran home to snatch some brollies. continued our journey to northpoint…. and guess what?!?!

i slipped and nearly fell, legs opened into a split. my right leg supporting the entire weight of my body. ok, i would consider that a fall cos my butt nearly hit the ground. and OUCH! my leg!! i think i strained it and it was so much more painful to walk the rest of the journey, and it took me a greater effort to lift my leg.

it’s still painful today and the physio sesh is surely a lot more painful than the last 3 sessions. 😐 i am hoping the condition of the leg hasnt worsen.

met siew yin, my primary 1 -3 bestie, for dinner. yay! we had so much to chat about.. and we met jiahui and her corny friend (pls dont tell her i said that) at the foodcourt! we sat on the same table and it was a lot of laughter. the girl is surely getting very pretty these days.. on second thoughts, she look pretty much the same. she has always been pretty.

laughed with siew yin at mos burger afterwards till my jaws ached. i cant remember the last time they ached. it is really really great. im so glad we went out, and she got me a teddies cross stitch book that i have been eyeing at kino at 20% discount!

the 2 of us are toying with the idea of a primary 1/2/3 class gathering. i am still in contact with a couple of them. we were trying to think who were our classmates, and it’s really hard since it’s more than 16 years ago. we managed to think of 15 such people (with the help of yue lei on msn after i got home), out of the 39 students.

this is a small hope, but if u are my primary 1/2/3 classmate in YPS, drop me a note so that i can arrange a gathering alright?

ok. bed time.