it’s getting deeper into the night, but i’m still struggling to finish my p.r. urgh. this week is truly a terrible terrible week, where i can hardly breathe and i left too many important things undone. i don’t really have a choice.

the dnd’s tomorrow. finally! after months of meetings (long hours!!!) and tough work, it’s finally gonna end tomorrow, after a day of hard work coordinating, that is. i’m so tired but nails aint done, my stuff for overnight tomorrow not packed, and i’m so NOT ready for it. i foresee a terrible day tomorrow, counting down to the amount of hours i have left to sleep on top op my many undone tasks!

it doesnt help that 90% of the company will be attending a talk from the chairman that’s popping down from M-land, and that 90% includes the dnd committee members who are supposed to run the show tomorrow. i happen to be the unfortunate 10% and the committee’s down to 4 girls to run the show the entire day tomorrow, till just 2 hours before the event. :S

wish me luck people. i’ll be away (from the net) for 2 days. i better get back to work, and set my out of office reply!

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