today’s one of the rare days that i am home earlier. i have decided to throw my stuff aside and head home to rest my mind and just ease myself a little before i start going crazy.

after working for the last 10 days and clocking at least 100 hours, things has laxed a little and i thought its time to take a little break. these days, i reached home feeling dead to the world, snoozing in the cab on the way home and neglecting a dozen and one things around me.

i dont wanna sound gloomy and neither am i complaining. in fact, im feel quite accomplish that i bring myself to work everyday without fail, clock the long hours and come home, not feeling a dread of the work that i am doing. of cos the load is horrendous, but i havent developed a dread in coming to work yet. that, in itself is good news. isn’t it?

most of the time, i feel extremely tired. dozing off at every other opportunity. some other times, i feel as if i’ll die of fatigue. will i just collapse and die like that?!

today, i read my friend’s blog where he mentioned that his cousin met with an accident and just died at the age of 23. With a bright future in store for him and yet, he left the world. i also read moxielass‘s bloggie that mentioned the departure of her friend. when will it be my turn?

before i never have the chance to say this.. can someone take note that i’ll like to have huge pretty collages of my smiling faces and happy times at my funeral? i want people to remember me as the happy girl i am, and the happy times i had in the years that i’m living. haha. weird request, i know.

this is a totally random post. but i just felt the need to jot down whatever that came to my mind. jotting out whatever bits of my life so that when i look back years later. i know where i’ve been. also, i’m making a presence on my blog before i am forgotten by all. outta sight, outta mind theory you know?

sorry that i havent been commenting much on entries. there has been much i wanted to say, but hardly the strength and opportunity. tonight, i am going to write as much as i can before the brain shuts down on me. 🙂

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