2 afternoons and 50+ pressies later.. I’m done with wrapping the Christmas pressies!

At least before now.. This batch of presents are only for my colleagues..

I haven’t found the time to buy more presents as yet.. 13 days more to Christmas! Are you excited?!

Life has been about clearing my work as fast as I could (speed matters so that I can leave work earlier), sleeping early (the tiredness is still getting to me), battling queasy stomachs (am still puking like no one’s business so much so that I don’t think my stomach has taken in anything but water), and suffering from very very bad migraines.

Just last night, I think I burst the blood vessels in my nose from vomitting too much that I suffered a nose bled and a bad migraine.

That’s the reason for the radio silence on my blog, in case you are wondering why.

The boy just suggested going to fly a kite, but I’m not so sure if I’m really up to it..

I have tonnes to say but with my energy levels, I think some of them will just be hidden in the depths of my mind.

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