today, i did something that i never thought i would.

i went to see a psychic. somewhat in the nature of fun, somewhat hoping to see if what i was thinking was true. before today, i never really believed in anything like that and because allan was sharing his experience about it the other day, i was a little curious about it.

and i was shocked. the many things aside, without me saying ANYTHING except my name and my year of birth.. he actually warned me to look after my leg. he told me that my ligament is bad.

which is, very very true. i mean, since the operation, the ligament have been giving me problems like aching and pain.. and it’s very often tight and uncomfortable. i experience pain when i run. it hurts when i climb stairs. and i have been delaying to head back to the ortho to have it checked it out.

anyway, he warned me of a couple of other things as well..and told me things pertaining to my love life, marriage and my perspective towards life, and even my attitude towards religion.

i am quite wow-ed by him. actually, more shocked than anything.

anyway, i guess i’ll believe the warnings that he dished out just in case it really happened.

a very interesting experience indeed.

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