i have so much stuff on my mental to-do list, but i cant seemed to get any of it done.

here are some that i can think offhand..

1. clear my room
2. pack my bags and put them up for sale
3. finish the x-stitch for wei
4. prepare the santa’s list
5. revise japanese
6. change my blog skin (i want something chirpy, bright and soothing to look at!)
7. sort out my ipod song list

and oh, i just found my sweets missing from my sweets bottle. Grr..

on a happier note, im heading out with unpolished_gem tonight! gonna attend some seminar thingy in a church on vocals/harmony? im hoping i feel fit to go by the end of the day, cos my throat seemed to be going on a strike.

once again, i am on the verge of falling sick. oh, i am such a weako.