It’s the last day of the year.. Am still very busy with everything else, and I haven’t found the time to do any reflection of any sort before the year officially ends in the next 5 mins..

Am going to end old year with a movie and start the new with another. Hopefully, in the year ahead.. Things will be as exciting as the movies. I’m hoping for a good year ahead, good health for everyone around me, blessings for all my friends and may everyone have a blast in 2010!

Here’s some random shots on the last day of the year.

Faylene playing with her iPhone.

Agnes caught in the act. Buzzing around (pun intended) at work.

Me.. Waiting on line to order chicken rice..

The boy making a monkey face.

And a snap shot of my calendar for a dinner appt in 11 days.

And HAPPY NEW YEAR people!!

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