yes. i am back. i am feeling so lethargic that i don’t feel like doing ANYTHING!


*stares and pile of work and sighs*

shall take a minute of break. you know my msn nick? it’s a tongue twister.

Cherry Cherie is a Cheery Cherry

you know, playing with a lot of Cs.

and then i wanted to come up with this silly tongue twister about the 5Ps about me. I have been called the pasta girl very often after i ran my pasta campaign. and with the pageant coming up in 5 days, everyone has been calling me the pageant finalist! then i told soo leng that i’m pretty, and professional and then, there’s pizza hut!

and so..

professional pizza hut pretty pageant pasta girl


ok. we were playing around with the sequence during lunch and had some laughs of it. i think i really enjoy being silly. 🙂

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