Simple and yummy. I had craving for Maggie curry chicken noodles, so I cooked for the boy and me!

With sunny side egg for him and scrambled eggs for myself, paired with loads and loads of vegetables and eryngii bunch mushrooms.

Wash all that down with 2 cans of iced cola.. (so not me!) Bliss!

Would have been really perfect if I didn’t accidentally burn the boy’s egg. I ran to my room to SMS him that his noodles are ready and have him quickly pop over and in that split second, the egg was slightly burnt cos my fire was too big. =(

Nonetheless, the boy enjoyed the meal! Haha.

I’m not quite a fan of instant noodles actually and hate cup noodles, but I guess pregnancy hormones do weird things to your brain too. They mess up the programming up there.

Tsk. Coke, instant noodles. I could hear my pre-pregnancy self, sneering.

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