my knees are weak. i wish im dead.

torrents of pain are wrecking inside me. i rolled on bed, hugging my pillow tight for the past hr. tried to sleep it away, but im nowhere near dreamland. it hasnt been so bad for a long long time. it’s such a torture. i wish i could turn into a guy immediately, and be rid of the cramps.

it doesnt help when im having the runs too. argh. what is so wrong with my body? it had to torture me with a combo hit. i feel like chun li being hit by ken in a street fighter game, the only difference is, i prob cant stand up straight after.

as much as i wanted to hold on, and not rely on medication. i had to pop the pink pill. tried warm water, didnt work. rubbed medicated oil, felt better but still hurts like hell. and still, 30 mins after the pill, the pain is still wrecking me.

it suddenly reminded me of the trips i made to kk last month. i feel so frustrated. why am i always plagued with abdominal pains?

i wish, someone can knock me out and let me forget abt the pain.