what do you actually do when you are sitting in your room, staring at the clock and the computer and dithering on whether to go for a jog.

my mind is going through the “i am so lazy” and “i am fat and need to exercise” fight.

the latter is likely to win though, because after all, i have been running for the last 2 days and i really need to shed those fats.

which brings me to the point that, i totally adore low waist bottoms. do you know why? because i don’t feel uncomfortable if i wear low waist bottoms with a bulging tummy. that fact struck me when i was thinking why i always fold the waist band of my fbt shorts. i never fold it before when i wear it at home till recent years, and i never consciously thought of why i did that other than the fact that it was more comfortable.

yesterday, it just struck me that it is comfortable BECAUSE the band doesn’t hold my tummy flabs hostage.

funny how that never struck me before.

achievement for the day? i left the office at 6pm! but seriously, there are tonnes to be done but i just wanted to give myself a little break.

the horror has yet to begin.

my colleague just updated me that she may need to go on leave for 2 weeks for intensive classes for her degree course.. and you know what that means?! i’ll be the ONLY person left to handle all the work load left, right, centre plus up and down.

i secretly wish that that will not be happening.

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