time always tick by slowing when u are hoping the day will be over soon. but when u least expects it, it slips past without informing you and hits you before you realise it. today is one of those really slow day for me.. despite having loads to do, but here i am, constantly in a daze.

my heart is heavy and my mind filled with worries. im constantly going through the different scenarios that will happen to me. replaying them over and over again in my little head. no one saw through my unusual self today.. and i tried hard to act normal to prevent any probing. i suddenly feel so alone. despite having loads of friends throwing concern over me, some things are just meant to be dealth with alone. for those of you who have expressed their concerns, thanks. i am touched with the care and concern, but for now.. i just want to be alone and sort things out.

and i’m wishing for the clock to tick faster. i want to go home.

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