Just got a fright of my life. I headed out from the office, armed the alarm and when i flip the switches of the office lights, a total darkness engulfed me. I had to quickly jump out of the office and shut the glass door before the alarm gets activated, before deciding what i should do. In pitch darkness.

God. I couldn’t even see my hands before me and thank goodness i’m not one that is afraid of darkness. That said, i still had to lock up the wooden doors and latch it. Well, i got a fright because this had never happened before. No matter how late i used to work, the corridor lights were on. So, i literally inched my way to one of the walls, and was madly and frantically feeling the walls around me for the switch. I didn’t manage to find it and had to dig my handphone out for a little light.. Even tho it didn’t help at all. Made an sos call to my colleague, but i found switch after a flight of steps while i was still waiting for her to pick up the phone.

I was so worried that i’ll miss a step and tumble down the stairs and die without anyone realising! I think the building is trying to save on electricity, but that’s not exactly a brilliant idea. Especially when someone is still in the building. I can’t imagine if there’s a fire or something and i can’t find a way to escape.


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