Your travel type: Jet Set

A visit to a museum or an art gallery in the morning, an afternoon of shopping, dining out in a good restaurant and some drinks and a little party to end the day, the Jet Set traveller likes a full day.

Although he is quite active he is not the type to do any outdoor sports. When he has to walk a few blocks, he takes a cab. The Jet Set traveler is not much of a nature lover. “You mean the green stuff my parents have in their backyard?”

top destinations:

Las Vegas
New York

stay away from:

Ciudad Perdida
Darien Gap

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haha. i think its NOT so true since i like to go outdoors for sports!! and i usually walk than take a cab!! and im quite a nature lover too. plants and all things natural amazes me.

and top destinations. hee hee. i have only been to vegas. not new york *glint in eyes and grinning away* and amsterdam tho. but they are WITHIN reach. haha.

my cousin dom stays in amsterdam and i’ve been wanting to visit him since i don’t know when… and he’s graduating for his masters of psychology in june. haha. i heard my aunt is gonna pop over. a louder haha.

*smiling gleefully*