with a hyper active kid who is constantly squirming away from you or trying to climb somewhere.. nail trimming is quite the chore.


never mind the fact they don’t stay still, my son snatches the nail scissors away from me before I can do anything so it is definitely a hazard. he somehow loves the scissors! and its cap.


so here’s a useful little tip. I snip his little fingernails and toenails when he is taking his afternoon nap. I can take all the time I want to carefully trim those little nails without a worry of snipping his flesh as compared to when he is awake and hyper. and he never wakes up! maybe he has stirred once or twice but I never woke him from his nap before from trimming his nails.


it minimizes the potential accidents. its safe and its easy.


I usually use a nail scissors to trim his nails and thus far, I havent an accident. that doesnt mean that my son’s fingers havent been clipped and bled. my mum once clipped his little finger and I cant tell you how heart pain both Der and me were..


p.s. I only snip my son’s nails in the afternoons since there is ample natural lighting and my mum got this superstition about cutting nails at night. I’ll get a scolding every time I attempt it but I don’t know the reason why!


I googled and here’s some results just for some fun reading:
– the baby will see the ghosts at night.
– people will gossip behind your back.
– your spirits will be taken away
– (japanese belief) your parents will not be with you when you die.


I seriously think its a myth. I always cut my own nails at night since I am a kid so I don’t know what about the fuss my mum is making. if you know and it isn’t the reasons I found above, share with me yeah? for the record, I havent met a ghost and ny spirit is still intact, plus I’m still alive so am not sure about the last one. the only one that I am not sure is the gossiping behind my back. heh heh. not like it bothers me.


by the way, have you seen a clipper like the following? its a angled clipper and a gift from Der’s colleague. apparently its much easier to clip someone else’s nails with this. my mum’s a convert since that snipping and bleeding incident.

I have never seen this in Singapore. this was bought in Malaysia though because der’s  colleague is a Malaysian.


just sharing.


drop me a comment if you trim your kids’ nails differently!