11pm. It was the time i got home after i cabbed from the office.

2am. After working on the presentation deck for the whole time after i got home.. I decided it was time to crawl into bed.

6.45am. Mum is banging on my door and screaming to get me to wake.

7.20am. Reluctantly crawled out of bed to get ready.

8am. Am now on the train to work. I have a 9am meeting to attend. As much as i think it’s quite pointless to rant (doesn’t help anything), i can’t help it but whine here. =( there’s so much for me to do.. I’m so tired.. Everyday when i wake.. I tell myself that i feel like going on mc. But the thought of having to cover more when i return just motivates me to get out of bed.

I feel so pathetic. Work life balance is something that i don’t enjoy. I really need a holiday. Or maybe a hiatus. Really feel like calling it quits some times and just rot at home.

Should i be thankful that when i left the office last night, some of my colleagues are still struggling. I think my workload is crazy.

Everyday i tell myself to work faster and clear all the stuff.. But everytime you clear something, something else lands around waiting to be done. I seemed to be the one getting the most projects.

I think it’s sucky.. But agnes said.. Maybe they think you are capable that’s why you have so projects. That’s quite a positive thought, i thought.. But i really need a break. Looking at the calendar.. I’m running back to back campaigns non stop. Out of the 9 campaign windows in a year.. I have 6 to cover. And that’s not the gist of it.. I have other portfolio that covers some major business segments, i’m on the editorial team of the company newsletter, i’m spearheading a nationwide charity window.. And i’m part of an external task force for fund raising. And one other thing that i hate doing – writing press releases! Unfortunately, i am appointed to be the “press release girl” (cos they think i’m good) to cover all press releases that is going out.

I only have one thought everyday – i so wanna cry!

Hmmm.. In other matters, my lifeblog doesn’t seemed to be working well.. I lost the post when i tried sending the last 2 times in the last one month. Hopefully this gets through.

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