i finally got my lazy arse moving and started to take tiny little steps to introduce some fitness into my daily routine. simpy because, i cant quite stand the sight of my flabby tummy and its getting really hard to suck it all in these days.


so i hula-hooped! i wasnt able to leave the house for any exercise (i would love being able to do a run) since my mum cannot cope with the 2 kiddos so hula hoops sounds like a pretty good idea. i do them at the corridor (out of jerry’s sight) but near enough to hear if any help is needed (or trouble at bay).




Did 20mins of it today and feels really good to break out some sweat thats not caused by the kids! and a cold bath thereafter.. i feel rejuvenated.


almost 2 months since jerome’s birth, i get some me-time! lovin it!