dont know what i ate. tummyache the whole day and im having the runs. painful and torturous. but guess what? im still grinning ear to ear! why? because my sweet boy decided last night that he will sacrifice his sat sleep to wake up early and head for the gathering with the LJ folks! that, is enough to make my day a good one!

whee! i cant wait. am so excited. i hope he does fine that day and wont look too aloof to everyone. wen, i think you’ll need to get dec to loosen him up. 🙂

meeting miChiE tonight, and princessping is gonna crash in cos she flew an airbus at me yesterday. i seriously hope the tummy would get better. we’re heading for our favourite jap food (again!!) @ ichiban. i wanna eat all those sashimi! someone pray for me please! thanks!

im still desperately trying to clear my work. 3.5 days left in this office is a really REALLY short time. i hope i still can manage it somehow, because my week is so packed and there is NO way i can stay back after office hours now. ok, peek tures from the weekend. taken when we were at cliff’s house!